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Vertical Videos: The Future of Social Media

What Exactly are Vertical Videos??

As Per Wikipedia Vertical Videos are videos created by a camera or a computer with the primary intent of viewing in Portrait Mode.

This produces an image that is taller than its wide, unlike the conventional horizontal video.

Let’s answer the most important question first:

Here’s a mind-boggling stat that can convince you:

Vertical Video Statistics

The Second Reason: Domination of mobile-based devices:

The last few years have experienced a humongous rise in Mobile traffic.

To be precise, 2018 saw mobile traffic rising by a 50.3% since 2017.

And currently, more than 52% of website traffic comes from mobile phones.

The final takeaway…….

But are they really better than Conventional Horizontal Videos??

Let’s have a look the Qualitative Reasons first:

(1) Zero Distraction:

Unlike horizontal videos, where the user can browse through social media feed while the video keeps playing in the background:

Vertical videos completely eliminate the chances of a viewer doing something else while the video plays.



 (2) The Personal Touch:

Vertical videos are very much similar to a Whatsapp or Facetime chat.

Vertical Videos personal touch

Due to this, a vertical video would always give away that personal vibe every time a viewer watches it.

This feeling is very much similar to having a chat with a real person, even while watching a simple product explainer video.

The Benefit:

Personalization is one of the key elements that can lead to a strong rise in the Customer engagement levels.

This would in turn positively affect your lead generation and conversion rates.


Here are a few Customer Engagement Metrics where Vertical Videos Outperformed Horizontal Videos.

Vertical Video vs Horizontal Video

How to use Vertical Videos for your Social media marketing:

As mentioned in the first part of this blog series:

“Vertical Videos have a strong personal touch to them”

Due to their layout, they always come across as a highly authentic and intimate mode of communication.

So, what should your Social Media Marketing goal be??

“To create maximum engagement for your brand using Vertical Videos.”

The best ways to use Vertical Videos:

(1) Product Explainer Videos

Vertical Product Explainer Video example

Your customer would get a much deeper understanding of the value offering of your product through vertical videos.

That’s because the vertical video format literally leaves zero scope of distraction.

In simple terms, vertical videos won’t let your user browse other social media feed or check other notifications while your videos keep on running in the background.

(2) How-to Videos:

The vertical format significantly increases the personal touch of How-to Videos as compared to the horizontal format.

Dues to this your viewer can resonate with your video at a much higher level.

The personalization factor increases multiple times if the video has an actual person communicating the video content instead of using animation or graphics.

How-To Videos in Vertical Format

(3) Nailing the First Few Seconds:

This is something that is common for both vertical and horizontal videos.

Your viewer watching your video in entirety or in abundance greatly depends on how appealing he finds it in the first few seconds.

What makes vertical videos engaging to watch:
  • Introductory one-liners that can provide an immediate value for the viewer
  • Using Graphic elements to capture the user’s attention:
    How-to Videos in the vertical format
    (4) The Split Screen Tactic:

    Vertical Videos Split ScreenThis is something that can enhance the Engagement Factor of your vertical Video throughout its duration.

    The most prominent benefit of the Split Screen tactic is that the viewer can view your content from various angles that can keep him engaged.

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