4 Tips to Skyrocket Your SMS Conversion Rates

SMS is one of the best Marketing Mediums for sharing time-based offers and important information with your customers. 

Here are a few sure shot tips that can provide you with the desired conversion rates that you are looking for: 


  • Always Be Direct

With its content limited to just 160 characters, text messaging is no place to engage your audience in a wholesome manner.

You need to have a “dead direct attitude” when it comes to creating SMS campaigns.

One glance and the viewer should be able to make out what the text message is all about.

Quick Tip: Find the most important word/words in your text message and put it in Capital.

In this way, the consumer can immediately make out the purpose of your text message and decide whether to act on it. 

Here’s an ideal example from an SMS campaign carried out by Dominos Pizza:


  • Instill Urgency in your Campaigns

Do you know what’s the greatest point of difference between an SMS and an email or a social media post?

It’s the fact that a viewer naturally associates the notion of urgency/immediacy with text messages.

Therefore if you fail to provide some sort of urgency in your text messages, overtime viewers would lose interest in your SMS campaigns and finally unsubscribe.

Creating the Urgency:

Barring those text messages that have information about new products or transactional details, you should ensure that all other SMS campaigns are time-sensitive, i.e. they offer deals/discounts that have an expiry date.

Secondly, you can include phrases like “expires soon”, “valid till”, “today only” etc in your text messages.

These phrases can create that much-required sense of urgency and prompt the viewer to take an action.

Sending location-based, real-time text messages also work well.

For example, you can send out tempting promotional offers to users when they arrive at or pass by your store.


  • Personalize as much as you can

It’s a well-known fact that personalizing your marketing content can lead to multiple times more engagement.

The past few years have experienced brands, extensively using hyper-personalized marketing content when it comes to their email and push notification campaigns.

Gathering Data for personalization:

When it comes to gathering customer data for SMS  campaigns, the procedure remains quite the same as email/notification campaigns.

Every brand nowadays uses a CDP, CRM, or a personalization software to systematically collect user data.

Check out our Detailed Guide on Hyper-Personalization to get an insight into data collection.

Other than using the above-mentioned tools, you can also opt for those SMS service providers that have data collection functionalities in them.

Creating Personalised Text Messages:

Here are a few ways in which you can create personalized SMS campaigns:







  • Perfect your timings

The customer data you collect can also give you a good idea of the times when your target consumers are the most active.

Other than this here are a few things that you should consider when it comes to the timing of your SMS campaigns.

The most ineffective time to send a text message is between 6:30 am to 8:30 am and 4pm to 7pm.

This is the time when most people are commuting to and from their work, and would not be able to read or respond to your text messages.

Monday has the lowest response rate amongst all others.

Therefore unless your text is specifically relevant for that day, or your target customers are exclusively more active on Mondays, you should not proceed with the same.

You should also be mindful of the respective time zones that your target consumers are located in. Don’t end up sending an SMS at 3 am in the morning.  

Sending text messages on Sundays are also not advisable.

The Best time to text:

Although anytime between 10 am to 8 pm can be considered as ideal, the most popular time to send text messages is 12:00 pm.

Also, irrespective of the day, noon is the most popular time to target your customers with an SMS campaign.


  • Don’t Oversend 

Deciding the optimal frequency of your text messages is quite a tricky task.

Sending a high number of emails can lead to customers tagging your brand as a spammy content sender.

On the other hand, having low message frequency customers forgetting about your brand.

A smart way to ascertain your text message frequency is to closely analyze your Churn Rate.

Ideally, a brand should commence with 4-5 SMS a month, and slowly increase it to 10 a month, provided the messages have a genuine value attached to them.


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