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A Definitive Guide to Millennial Marketing

Online advertising is a complete waste of time when it comes to Millennial Marketing.

The Millennial Generation Proudly tags themselves as Informed Buyers rather than Influenced Buyers.

In Fact, As per Hubspot:

So What would definitely not work in case of marketing for millennials:

  • Magazine Ads
  • Popups
  • Cold calling
  • Direct Mail campaigns.

(1) Content Marketing is the key to Cracking the Millenial Code.

Instead of pushing products on Millennials with online advertising, you need to leverage Content marketing in order to:

  • Precisely communicate the value offerings of your products.
  • Develop that trust factor which indicates your product won’t be a disappointment.

So what’s the best way to showcase your products to millennial customers?

What you need to keep in mind is that you have to significantly convince the millennial customer about your product’s use.

And due to this, your marketing medium needs to be extremely clear and explicit.

Based on these factors Explainer Videos turn out to be the most suitable Millennial Marketing option.

Explainer Video Statistic for Millennial Marketing

What makes a Killer Explainer Video?

  • Always involve an ample amount of animation.
  • Focus on the benefits, not on the features.
  • Always provide a CTA/landing page at the end to your Video Ads.

 Being Creative with Explainer Videos

Don’t just focus on explainer videos that show how your product operates or how does your firm successfully provide a service.


Create live video tours of your office or factory, and give your customers a peek into

 Providing live tours of your office or factory to show how your products are made.

The Next Objective:
  • To Develop a strong belief that your product is genuine and will provide good value.

OR…In other words

  • To develop the trust factor among your millennial customer base:

It’s fair for the customer to have a skeptical mindset towards your product:

 This mindset is strengthened when your product has a lot of substitutes in the market.

So. how to counter this skeptical Consumer Mindset??

Well, it’s definitely not through social media posts or video ads.

What would work here is when you, as the owner and representative of your brand directly converse with your customers.

Podcasts…. the ultimate Millennial Marketing tactic for Building Trust

Podcasts have that personal touch that other conventional forms of social media marketing lack.

Podcast Statistics for Millennial Marketing

What do the stats indicate:

  • Podcasts are really effective for communicating your product to your audience in a convincing and comprehensive manner.
  • The majority of your viewers are likely to develop a positive perception towards your product after watching the podcast.
A landing page is a must: 

There’s a very strong chance that a customer would like to more about your brand or products after the podcast.

 Therefore, you should always put up a Landing page or a CTA button at the end of your podcast.

 So that you can add them to your E-Mail Database and nurture them with EDM campaigns in the future.

(2) Approaching Millennials on Social Media

Millennials strongly hate any upfront form of social media advertising.


Social media ads and Pop-ups should never be on your Millennial Marketing checklist.

So what appeals the most to Millennials on Social Media??

It’s when Brands try to resonate and interact with them on a personal level.

However, it’s not what you think.

Personalized Marketing in this scenario does not refer to creating social media content that is based on the preferences of your target customer base.

Therefore, the things that won’t work in this scenario are:

  • Social media ads giving product recommendations based on previous browsing history of the user.
  • Pop-Ups offering discounts and coupons to users based on their previous purchases.
So what exactly does Personalised Marketing mean in this context??

In simple words, you need to involve your customers and provide them with an option to create social media content for your brand.

User-Generated Content or UGC is the exact marketing term for this.

The two best ways to create UGC:

(1) Social media polls:

Their USP- Fastest way to create consumer engagement on a personal level.

So what kind of questions should I ask while conducting a social media Poll???

  • Generic questions that are related to how you serve your customers for example:

  • Asking your consumer’s opinion regarding a particular existing product or a new product that you are about to launch.

  • Seeking your consumer’s view on a popular topic within the industry that you are operating in:


(2) Involving the customer in the content creation process:

The USP- Allowing your customers to create and showcase their own content for your brand would be perceived as a sign of appreciation and support.

This would significantly enhance the Emotional Bond that the millennial consumer has with your brand

The #RedCupContest by Starbucks: 

Every year in December, Starbucks conducts its Red Cup Campaign.

This is primarily to promote their holiday-themed seasonal beverages, that they serve in their special Red Cups.

The contest encourages Starbucks Customers to post innovative photos along with their Red Cups.

The winner of the contest wins a pricey Starbucks Gift Card.


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