How to Nurture and Grow your E-Mail Database

Are you one of those who think that E-Mail has lost its Charm??

Well, you are not alone but you are definitely not correct.

E-mails may not be that flashy unlike social media or video marketing, but it towers above these marketing channels when it comes to a customer making the final purchase.

In fact, a 2019 Mckinsey survey has shown that:

The Bitter Truth:

With the increasing numbers of noisy and flashy advertising carried on by its contemporaries( content and Social Media), consumers have developed an attitude of frequently unsubscribing from e-mails lists that are not completely relevant for them.

What Should Your Primary Aim Be:

To increase the relevance of your EDM Campaigns and Revive Your Subscription List:

Here are 4 of the most effective tips that you can use to revive your E-mail database back to life:

(1)  The Timing Matters

Heard of the term “List Fatigue”?

List fatigue happens when you overwhelm your e-mail list with extremely frequent communications.

These communications may be relevant, but such an overexposure bores your customer towards your offerings and finally, they unsubscribe you.

On the other hand, many businesses try to counter List Fatigue with highly sporadic communications with their E-mail database subscribers.

This becomes counterproductive in a way that the consumer finds it really hard to recall your brand or your offerings when you finally mail them, and as a result, they finally unsubscribe or send you to spam.

Find the Sweet Spot: Not too much…But just Enough!!!

Your main motto should be to create a wow factor every time you hit your audience with an e-mail.

Let’s look at the most ideal number of e-mails every firm should send, based on their business type:


A bi-weekly or weekly approach is the perfect one. 67% of B2C firms indulge in sending 2-5 e-mails every month.


One to five e-mails monthly is the most appropriate number. At least one email per month, and no more than five, appears to be considered an appropriate number.

(2) Be Relevant 

You need to understand and acknowledge the exact reason for which a customer has subscribed to your E-mail database:

It’s to receive promotions, important news and general information regarding YOUR BUSINESS, and not your industry.

Therefore, you just can’t send highly generic and easily available information through your e-mails.

This may include sending emails about the latest trends or news belonging to your industry.

The customer can open an app or just browse google and immediately know about such information.

It’s imperative that you offer something unique and personalized to your customers, something that can create immediate engagement and drive them to take certain actions.

This can include information like:

  • New stock arrival
  • Some special promotional offer that is only available for this month
  • A free seminar/webinar that you are offering
  • A social media contest that can land them directly to your website.

(3) No Engagement No Leads

 The average online consumer nowadays, has become extremely impatient when it comes to consuming content.

This is primarily due to the Over-availability of content regarding every field that is doing the rounds on the web nowadays.

Due to this, a consumer would only choose to consume such content pieces that engage them to an optimum level.

Therefore, conventional text-based e-mails can no longer be considered an effective tactic to keep your E-mail database subscribers hooked in the long run.

You mandatorily need to include engaging video content instead of just a chunk of text in your newsletters.

Some creative Non- text content that you can include in your EDM campaigns are:

  • A visually enticing infographic to get your point across and boost open rates.
  • A small snippet of your recent Podcast.
  • An explainer video of how does your new product offer value to the target consumer.
  • A quick recap video that you upload to youtube and embed in your EDM.

Finally, you should always make it easy for people to get in touch with you.

Always mention your contact info and links to your social media accounts in your e-mail.

This will help in fostering a sense of trust among your E-Mail database subscribers and also give them the authority to contact you whenever and however they want.

Here are a few stats based data regarding the most important elements that can increase your e-mail engagement nowadays:

Key factors that increase E-mail engagement

The most surprising takeaway from the above chart is definitely the fact that:

(4) Keeping  your IP healthy: A highly Underrated tactic

The overall health of your IP address matters a lot when it comes to e-mail engagement.

 It doesn’t matter whether you have used every possible trick to make your e-mails more engaging.

 The moment a customer realizes they you are having an unhealthy IP address is the very moment he will tag your e-mail as spam.

Fortunately, there are a few tools that can help consistently monitor and improve your IP Health:

Sender Score: This tool is specifically designed for measuring the current health of your IP and providing actionable insights on its improvement.

 Reputation Authority: This tool tells you whether your E-Mail campaigns have a high chance of ending up in the spam folder or not.

Wrapping Up With a Strong Message: 


You can’t force your audience to adapt to your style of engagement.

Instead, you must engage them in the manner in which they want to be engaged.

Follow this simple trick inherently in your e-mail strategy and you will see your E-mail database subscribers hike up like magic.



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