5 most Underrated Elements of a Landing page

Don’t worry, we won’t talk about creating a perfect CTA for your landing page.

There are truckloads of blogs out there talking about the same.

The article talks about the most overlooked yet crucial aspects that contribute to creating a High Converting Landing Page.

Lets Start Then:

(1) Highlighting your customer’s Pain Points

Every customer has a pain point that he/she is looking to soothe.

That’s the reason he browses the web, looking for the ideal solution provider for his pain.

Every contemporary of yours has the ability to provide a solution.

So where do you create the difference?

It’s in the manner in which you highlight your customer’s pain points.

Your Landing Page Heading should have the ability to create an immediate connection to your customer’s pain point.

Creating headings that are based on a question format i.e. those starting with “are you, will you, do you etc.” will turn out to be the most effective ones, in this scenario.

An ideal landing page heading in this scenario can be something like this:


(2) Perfecting your Sub-heading

You have successfully catered to your customer’s pain point. 

Now, it’s time to make him realize that you are his best option when it comes to providing a solution to his pain.

A subheading ranging from 2-4 sentences can help you perform that crucial task.

Creating a killer subheading is all about selling the emotion attached with your solution and not selling the actual solution.

For Example: The ideal Landing Page Subheading for an On-Demand housecleaning app can be something like this:


(3) Communicating your Value Proposition

The value proposition is the only aspect that sets you apart from your competition. 

It’s crucial that firms should have a clear and concise mention of their value proposition in their landing pages.

However, there is a certain manner in which the value proposition has to be communicated.

Unnecessary drum beating of your abilities is a big turn off in case of landing pages.

What you need to have is a modest but clear communication of your USP.

Let’s say; your business has lead conversion rates of 4% something that is way higher than the industry average of 2.5%.

The ideal USP communication in this scenario would be to say:

“We Guarantee you a 4% lead conversion rate

Instead of 

We have the best lead conversion rate of 4%”

(4) Social Proof

Is your business, a social media sensation?

If yes, then why not use it to your advantage? 

A common trait among today’s consumer is that they readily accept a product/service that has the stamp of social media approval on it.

Hence, your motto should be to provide an abundance of social proof of your business while building a landing page.

For Example: You can always provide a screenshot of the comments on your social media page and can frame it in the following manner:

” Read what some of our 40000 fans have to say”


Highlight your E-mail database like this website:


NOW let’s talk about those businesses that haven’t been able to garner a strong social media presence till now. 

Not to worry…

Customer reviews/testimonials can come to your rescue in this scenario.

Video testimonials nowadays have been known to create a better level of engagement than written ones.

Testimonials should always include those people, who have a certain amount of relevance towards the product and for your target audience as well.

Random testimonials of famous personalities might turn out to be vague and out of context for your target audience.

An ideal landing page with  a video testimonial would be something like this:


(4) Simplicity Sells

Do you love stuffing your landing pages with images of your offerings?

Well if you do, then you are going to have a really hard time generating leads.

Overwhelming your customer with product offers gets him to easily get distracted from pursuing the primary motive of a landing page, i.e., clicking the CTA.

In some cases, a customer may even have a hard time finding your CTA button, and finally leave your landing page, like in the case of this one over here.


Hopefully, this makes you realize how deadly, your images and offers can turn out to be for your landing page. 

Therefore it’s better to have a minimal to none approach while posting product images/offers on your landing page.

However, since the use of animations is becoming a popular trend for marketers to include in their digital marketing strategies, there is a smart way you can do the same, to guide your customer to your final CTA.

This can include creating animated figures and characters pointing towards your final CTA.

Creating humorous characters or intriguing images can also help in lightening up the consumer’s mood and make him more inclined towards clicking your CTA.

Here’s an ideal example that can sum up my point:


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