The 8 Best Types of SMS Campaigns That You Should Send

The word “Underrated” and SMS Marketing can be harmlessly regarded as synonyms in today’s marketing scenario.

Text Messaging has just come out of nowhere to become a marketing channel that can reap in a humongous response from a firm’s target customer base.

Going back a few years, budgets for SMS campaigns were almost close to being negligible, as compared to display, search, and other mobile marketing mediums.

Numbers Never Lie:

If we consider The Open Rate as a metric, then text messages have an open rate of 98% as compared to emails that have a 20% open rate.

Secondly, as per a report, 67% of customers would like to communicate with a business over SMS than by phone or e-mails.

Considering the above numbers and numerous others, it won’t be wrong to say that SMS Marketing has a huge potential that marketers are yet to unearth.

Therefore, the year 2020 and the years to come would see marketers heavily investing in SMS Marketing.

Are you someone who is planning to introduce SMS Campaigns in your marketing strategy?

If yes then here are 8 Best Types of SMS Campaign that you can go for:


  • Broadcasts

This refers to a single text message that is sent to a certain segment of your customer base.

Broadcasts are generally scheduled by brands to go out on a specific date, and every targeted customer receives the message at the same time.

Here’s an example of a Broadcast SMS campaign carried out by Dominos Pizza:


Broadcast SMS Campaign


  • One to One

As the name suggests, such types of text messages are sent to a particular customer.

They are generally triggered due to certain actions taken such as subscribe notification, payment confirmation, help message, unsubscribe confirmation, etc.



  • Sweepstakes

They are also known as text to win messages. Sweepstakes are a great way to build up your SMS subscriber list.

Interested users who want to join the contest need to text back with the subscriber keyword as shown in the example below:


Sweepstakes SMS Campaigns


  • Alerts

These can include a lot of things namely, flash sales, brands notifying their customers about product updates, etc.

Generally, transaction-based alerts are not included in such campaigns.

Following are examples of Flash Sale and Product Update:


Product Updates through SMS


  • Loyalty based Campaigns

The main motto of such campaigns is to engage a brand’s current customer base. These include offering various incentives so that a customer gets hooked on to the brand and remains loyal in the long run.


Loyalty Based SMS Campaigns



  • Text to join campaigns

These are one of the very first campaigns carried out by a brand.

Interested customers can text back with the Subscriber Keyword mentioned in the text message.

Doing, so they are automatically signed up to receive text messages from the brand in the future.




  • Transactional Campaigns

They are generally event-triggered campaigns and include shipping, delivery, payment confirmations. Such campaigns include the most important details that are related to the transaction.


Transactional SMS Campaigns


  • Event-Triggered Campaigns

These are loyalty based messages that are sent to customers during events such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Their main purpose is to ensure that a customer stays loyal to the brand in the long run.

They are highly personalized and include certain offers made specifically for that customer.

Here’s an example: 

Event Triggered SMS Campaign



SMS Campaigns you should Avoid at All Costs



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