The Marketer’s Guide to Voice Search

HEY SIRI, Can you tell us something about Voice Search??

Voice search refers to a technology that allows a user to browse the internet through voice command.

 The Voice Rises:

 Let’s bombard you with some facts to remove any kind of skepticism that you are holding about Voice Search.



Other than this, a Recent Survey conducted on more than 1800 smartphone users has revealed that 62% of these participants have used Voice Technology in the past.

And amongst them, a whopping 95% intend to keep using it for the future years to come.

Ok … that’s quite convincing!!

So How do I optimize my Marketing Strategy for the upcoming Voice search revolution??  


(1) Creating “VOICE FRIENDLY” Content

 As of now, Voice Searches face an inherent drawback.

 And that’s the lack of options they provide for a query.

 Every Voice search would present you with a single piece of answer or option for your query.

 There’s no option of scrolling down through the webpage and you mandatorily get what the technology churns out.

This is where your Content Optimization skills come in:

Voice-Search Statistic

To make your content more tailored towards Voice-Search, it’s important that you make Highly Conversational.

That’s because a consumer using voice search would always raise a query in a highly generic manner.

These types of queries don’t include the focus keywords for that particular topic, something that we provide mandatorily while doing a typed search query.

For Example:

We might ask Siri/Alexa,

What’s the price of the latest I Phone?”


If we had to TYPE the same query, we would simply have searched:

“I Phone 11 Price

Therefore it’s essential to focus on Long Tail keywords when it comes to Voice Search.

Your FAQ Section Matters a Lot:

Other than this, every business should redesign their website’s FAQ sections strictly based on Longtail Keywords.

Redesigning the FAQ section of your website could also increase the chances of landing in the top results, as it’s likely the user could search the exact question or something very similar to it.

(2) Redesigning Your Local SEO Strategy:

According to Moz, Voice Searches are 3 TIMES more likely to based on something that is Local Based.

A conventional local text-based search is primarily based on three major question types:

These are “What”, “Where” and “How”.

This is how common text-based search for a local store would generally sound something like:

Where is the nearest fast food, gas station, department store, etc.?

However, when it comes to voice search the spectrum widens significantly.

That’s because most Voice Searches involve Long Tail keywords instead of short and generic keywords

Therefore, every business has to understand the customer’s intent behind a particular voice search that he is making

And subsequently, include those specific Long Tail keywords for or product or service they wish to rank for.

Secondly, Including appropriate “Trigger Words” along with Long Tail keywords is extremely crucial for creating successful Voice Search Options

Trigger Words can be defined as those introductory words that a voice searcher frequently uses to commence his search.

Contrary to text-based searches, voice searches can involve of a myriad of trigger words.

Here’s a list of the most popular trigger words that have been used by Voice Searchers as of now.

Other than this, there are a few additional tricks that can help you to nail your Local SEO for Voice Search.

(1) Since Voice searches are Predominantly carried out through mobile-based devices, make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. This includes features like:

  • Having a click to call option
  • Click To Book Option
  • Speedy Loading Time
  • Vertical Navigation over Horizontal Navigation

(2) Having favorable reviews on third-party apps or local directories.

The more positive reviews your business gets, the more likely it’s going to top the local search results.


The Marketer's Guide to Voice Search
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The Marketer's Guide to Voice Search
Learn how Create Voice Search Friendly content and optimize your Local Seo Strategy for the upcoming Voice Search Revolution.
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